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August 29, 2004

Hi all! Jayde (age 13) and I had a great time Saturday! He is so proud of himself for doing 3 Joy Ride laps which was seven miles through the woods and creek beds, over logs etc... I am proud of him as well... he has never enjoyed riding bikes much. It's all I can do to get him to ride with me once a month on my daily rides. I fully expected him to do one lap and be done, but he wanted to keep riding even after 6:00 came and went. That is awesome. :)

Me, I loved my Glory ride as well. The glory ride was that woodsy 7 miles plus another 7 miles out through pastures and up into hills and back. As most of you know, I have never ridden any kind of organized event and this one was a perfect place to start. Though I'm still having a hard time believing that was only 14 miles. I ride 14 miles every day, and though it is pavement, I just can't imagine that Saturday's trail, with all of its switchbacks was the same distance. It was amazing. There was the perfect amount of technical features as well as endurance features. I talked to several riders who I consider to be very experienced and very fit and they felt challenged by the ride. One said "I'll be better prepared for that "out there" next year." I think that's so cool.




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